The rules of the game

The Challenge

The Challenge is a game for groups of students interested in science and mathematics from around Europe. Each group gives a challenge to all the others and has a month to solve the challenges others gave. The group which has given the challenge evaluates the solutions at the end of the month, but the groups also evaluate the challenges, how good, how interesting they were. Thus each group collects points from their solutions and from the challenges they gave to others.

What can be a challenge?

It can be anything which has something to do with science or mathematics. It can be a mathematics problem. It can be a scientific problem, an experiment to reproduce, a question to answer. Ideally it is something a group can work on for a day or two. The result of a challange can be a lab report, a solution for a problem or a video. It is important to have a clear description what you expect as a submission for the challenge, the best way to do this is to make a rubric about the evaluation criteria (you can find examples of rubrics at .


The challenges that the group gives to the other groups (a description, the criteria for evaluation) has to be sent to nadorig(at) by the 20th of every month. They will be published at the blog of the project ( The groups have to send their solutions by the 10th of the next month. The evaluation (in percentage) of the solutions is done by the team which gave the challenge and should be sent to nadorig(at) by the 20th of every month. At the same time the teams have to evaluate the challenges they got according to the criteria given below. These evaluations should be sent to nadorig(at) by the 20th of every month.


Each team collects points throughout the year from the challenges they solved and from the evaluation of the challenges they gave to others. At the end of the year we give prizes to the best challenge solver, the best challenge giver and to the overall best team.

Criteria for the evaluation of the challenges given

Rate from 1 to 10 all aspects of the challenge, 1 being the worst and 10 the best.
Science – How much scientific (or mathematical) knowledge you needed to answer the challenge? Could you use anything you learned in school in answering the challenge?
Clarity – How clear was the challenge given? Did you understand easily what is required from you?
Originality – How original was the challenge? Could you find it elswhere? Could you find the answer on the internet?
Creativity – How creatively was the challenge formed? How much creativity did you need to solve it?